Bible Study Tools and Terminology

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* concordance – an alphabetical index of the principal words of the Bible, with a reference to the passage in which each occurs. “Strong’s” is the most well-known.
* lexicon – a dictionary of the Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek words of the Bible.
* parallel Bible – presents 2 or more translations of the Bible in side-by-side columns
* interlinear Bible – presents a word-for-word translation of the Bible, with one line in the original language and the next line with the translation

Some Online Bible Study Tools – there are many others. Caveat: Modern translations are not necessarily better; in fact, some modern translations are particularly bad, straying quite a bit from the original intent.

* e-Sword ( )- free Bible software with dozens of available translations, built-in tools for serious Bible study and sermon preparation, plus reference library with commentaries, maps, concordances; audio sermon player
* (many English versions + many other languages)
* (includes the Amplified Bible)

* The Word Project: Bible in many languages, from Afrikaans and Zulu to Hindi, Persian, Chinese, and Norwegian || also “AUDIO BIBLE” feature for nearly 40 of these languages || as well as “PARALLEL BIBLE” feature (English + Spanish, etc.)

Special Mention:
* A lot of people today like to read the Bible on mobile devices or the computer, and I certainly use my laptop for a lot of research and reading, but nothing replaces the feel of holding an actual hard copy in your hands.

Personal Favorites:
* The Sacred Scriptures (Bethel, PA) – very good, accurate translation based on 1911 ASV but w/o Shakespearean English + restored Hebrew Names of Yahweh and Yahshua, Elohim. It reads very easily and is easy to use for preaching & teaching
* Las Sagradas Escrituras (Version Israelita Nazarena) – Puerto Rico – ALL restored Hebrew names + some transliteration of some Hebraic terminology (Elohim, Pesaj…)