Lion of Judah Family Worship Center offers these free teaching and training materials:

  • Audio sermons may be listened to online or downloaded through our Sermons page.
  • Kingdom Vantage Point – back issues of this informative periodical, published from 2009-2012, are available here.

We also currently offer:

Booklets: (Also available in electronic format: PDF)

  • In the Name of the Father – addressing the Hebrew Names of the Father and Son
  • A Day to Remember – addressing the 7th day Sabbath     PDF
  • The Biblical Holy Days – An Overview – What was the purpose of the holy days identified in the Old Testament? What is their relevance today for believers in Messiah?     PDF
  • Baptism – The Doorway to a New Life – What is baptism? What does it represent? Is it important today?     PDF
  • Foundations of Faith – Believer’s Handbook – A great study tool covering a wide variety of topics PDF
  • Rediscovering the Fear of Yahweh – Discover one of the key “missing links” in the life of the modern ekklesia   PDF
  • I Will Build My HouseNEW! Everything that our heavenly Father does is according to a pattern. When Yahshua said that He would build His ekklesía, His assembly, He had a specific pattern in mind. What is that pattern? Have we lost it? PDF


DVD: “Freedom to the Captives” – a powerful testimony about Pastor Matt’s childhood experience as the son of one of the American hostages held in Iran for 444 days from November 4, 1979 – January 20, 1981. Truly there is freedom to the captives!

Note 1: Due to the exorbitant cost of overseas postage, we can no longer offer these materials for shipment outside of the U.S.

Note 2: Only one request per household (physical mailing address) please.  Multiple copies may be available upon request.

Note 3:  If you would like to help us to defray the costs of producing these materials, please visit our Giving page.

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Please send me a copy of:

“In the Name of the Father” (booklet)

“A Day to Remember” (booklet)

“The Biblical Holy Days” (booklet)

“Baptism” (booklet)

“Foundations of Faith” (booklet)

“Rediscovering the Fear of Yahweh” (booklet)

“I Will Build My House” (booklet)

“Freedom to the Captives” (DVD)